Netgear Router Orange Light

The problem in Netgear router orange light is quite common and required serious attention. Please go through the below-mentioned measures to fix the issue Netgear Router Orange Light:Netgear Router Orange Light

Reboot the Netgear router


You will be amazed to know that, you can easily do the Netgear router troubleshooting y rebooting. What it includes is the power cycle. In many cases, it’s the connectivity issue which hinders the router’s performance.  Please follow step by step process to do Netgear router troubleshooting as mentioned below:

  • First power off the internet modem and Netgear router.  To do this pull off the power cable from the Netgear router and also from the modem. Now, wait for the next few moments. After this plug back the power cord of the modem and your Netgear router.
  • Now closely look for the internet light of the modem and of your Netgear router. Wait for few moments and see the lights become stabilize. If the internet light is on your modem and Netgear router, it simply means the Internet connection signal is proper and there is enough connectivity from your internet service provider.
  • Now check if the rebooting process helped or not. Try using the internet.

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Update the firmware

In some cases, it is the outdated firmware which causes the problem. Try to update it. This happens when never had Performed a maintenance Or Software Upgrade on your Netgear wireless router. Please follow the steps to update the firmware:

  • First, log in to the Netgear router and check for the available updates for the same. To login the router default gateway,
    • Go into the Netgear router setup console. Open the browser and type any  one of it:    |     |                         |

    • A prompt window will open The window will ask for username and password. Enter the Username – admin, Password = password. Note: both are case sensitive, so fill the information carefully.
    • Now login to the Netgear router. Click on the Administration tab under the “Advanced” option. Now look for the option like Firmware update or Router update. Click on it. Find the updates available. If it is available, You will be asked to download it. Update it as desired and click on  Yes to start downloading. and update the firmware.
    • Automatically the router will download the firmware and begins with updating the old version. Once Update Please Restart Your Computer And Router to apply the done changes.
    • The Netgear router will restart automatically and it will take 3-5 minutes in total to get this update process done completely. Please check for any other message displayed over the screen like if the router needs to be reconfigured.

Note: Please do not interrupt the updating process by closing your browser, or clicking any link, or switching to new tab/site. The default username and password for Netgear router is “admin” & password is “password” and these are case sensitive.

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Manual reset Netgear router

To manual reset, open the web browser and type the Default IP address There enter the default username admin and password =password and press enter. You will see the option I want to configure the router myself.

Click on it and then click on Next. Locate the page name as basic settings. When you will find option internet connection require a login, there click next on it. In option under encapsulation, select PPPoA. There enter the username given to you by your internet service provider.

In the internet, IP address click gets automatically from ISP. There Enable net option and click on Apply. Select the option wireless security. Then under the option wireless security, you will find SSID. Ther enter the SSID name and select the region. Select the channel 11 and leave it as it is, do not do any changes here.

In option mode select auto 108 Mbps. Then under wireless access point check mark on allowing broadcast of name SSID and enable wireless access point. You will find the option security type and then enter the password. After this to apply changes reboort the router and modem. Check for the internet.

Feeling exhausted or difficulty in Netgear router troubleshooting? call our Netgear expert technicians at +1-888-700-7068(Toll-free number 24/7).

Mac cloning

If still the issue persists then try to do the Mac cloning. For that open the browser and enter (YOU MUST NOT BE USING ROGERS’ PROXY). Then enter the default username which is admin and default password which is 1234. There click on Wizard setup.

Now click on Next. Note: The 2 fields don’t have to be filled; Are obtained by the DCHP server. Now click on next option. Try to locate the option WAN MAC address. You will find it at the bottom. There the default is Factory DefaultClick on Spoof this PC’s MAC address — IP Address, and enter the new IP Address you would like to use as your new MAC address.

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IP pooling

Sometimes the problem could be due to IP pooling systems. So check if your modem needs Ip pool. To do this open the web browser from any device which is connected to the internet. There type the or You will see a login screen will displays.

Ther enter the default username admin and the default password is password. Please note that the default username and password both are case sensitive. There you will see a basic home screen will displays. There select option Advanced. Under that open setup and further select LAN setup.

Select the checkbox Use Router as DHCP Server. Now specify the range of IP addresses. In the Starting IP Address field, type the lowest number in the range. In the Ending IP Address field, type the number at the end of the range of IP addresses. Click apply to done changes.

Please note that the router delivers the following parameters to any LAN device that requests DHCP: An IP address from the range that you have defined and subnet mask. Along with it Gateway IP address and DNS server IP address

Feeling exhausted or difficulty in Netgear router troubleshooting? call our Netgear expert technicians at +1-888-700-7068(Toll-free number 24/7).

Mac spoofing

To try this method first Connect your computer directly to the modem. If you can go online proceed to Mac spoofing if not, call ISP.

To do this please use the system which is connected to the internet. Also, disconnect all other devices which are connected to the router. If you are unable to do this, then you can fix it with finding the computers MAC address so that you can enter it into the router manually.

Now to do the Mac spoofing, first connects the Cable modem to the Internet/WAN port of the router. Then after that connect the computer to any of the available LAN ports at the back of the router. Make sure that the ports where the two Ethernet cables are connected are lit.

After this open, a browser of your choice and type the router’s default Ip address HTTP:// or in the address bar and press Enter. There login to the router interface. Enter the default username admin and password is password. Please note that both are case sensitive.

In case default login credentials are not working, it is due to you might have changed the password. Please try other passwords that you might have changed too. Otherwise, a factory reset is needed to restore the router to factory defaults.

Now there pen the Basic tab. Under it click on Internet. and then click on Apply. After this verify the internet IP address. To do this click on options ADVANCED >Administration>Router Status.

Feeling exhausted or difficulty in Netgear router troubleshooting? call our Netgear expert technicians at +1-888-700-7068(Toll-free number 24/7).

Factory reset

If all above methods fail then do the factory reset for your Netgear router. For this, so you need to press and hold the factory restore button for 30 seconds and release the button. You will find the factory reset button on the back of the router. Use a pin or paper clip to do this. After this setup the Netgear router once again. As this will turn the router to its default state. Once you set the computer IP address to static, open the command prompt.

For Windows click on Start then in the Search box type cmd and hit Enter. ANd for the Mac systems click Go > Utilities > Terminal.

There type command ping, then hit Enter. If still failing to fix the issue and do not resolve the problem, it could be the Hardware Issue that is the culprit. If so the so you need to replace your router.

Facing issues while following these measures then call our Netgear expert technicians at +1-888-700-7068(Toll-free number 24/7).

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